Star Trek: Barclay’s Adventure (test)

A top notch rpg which is similar to an adventure as well as the parody on"Star Trek" with mature themed components? Yep, this all about this game! You will be playing as one of squad mebers (and if you're in fact trekky then you are going to understand way more once you begin enjoying) who wants to have some practicing in hologram area. But first-ever he will have to find the person who will make it feasible and find the hologram chamber to be launched by all items. After that he will get into simulation where he will find a new purpose - to have fucky-fucky (or anything close to it) using the hologram of Leah Brahms. This is not some xxx game but more like the testing project but if you liked it then don't forget to check our site to support us and for getting more!

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