candy shop

Candy Shop – Gummy 2

3DfuckHouse introduces for you fresh game from Candy Shop series - Gummy 2! Trio of heroes has to determine a problem today - to split lunch somewhere or... stop phat monster who endangers the whole city! And our personalities has motives for both options. But since they are great men (or at least pretend to be them from time to time) that they are going to conserve the town first-ever. Therefore the rescue procedure starts. And fairly soon our heroes will soon probably learn th truth behind the origin of the creature and discover the way to stop it. And this is where game begins you will play as the sole masculine of the group so that it's your choice to get inside the monster to discover and destabilize it is core. By fucking it! Oh, didn't we mentioned that the core is oretty hot yet not precisely humanoid chick? Well, now you know and you'll have an arsenol of sex places to do the job!

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