Family Reunion 3: Wednesday – Girlfriends

You're still investigating this situation to find the father of Mandy . . And seems like there's some progress. However, as always that's not the main point. This time you'll meet two lesbians. Select your answers to get to the end and watch scenes.

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Quickie: Toshiko 2 (Public)

Anotehr one quickie visual book in Oppai Studios. You will meet cute female named Toshiko and after having conversation with her and making few quite affecting choices might even have fuck-a-thon with her. Even though the lovely picture style of the game remains the same it was at the most show among new qualities you'll find a choice of choosing one of seven (!) Various languages. Therefore, if you liked visual novels with hentai elements but was stopped by the simple fact that they take an excessive amount of time to play the story or did not understand the terminology then you're going to enjoy this new show a lot - it is shorter, it's language settings and you always have the option to skip the dialogs and attempt another choices if you're playing the game 2nd moment and would like to get another ending of the story!

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Survival is a well known TV flash. And here we've got manga porn game. And who do the jobe whne you need to combine TV display and intercourse? Ofcourse it is our favorite blonde chick Charlie! Just like before you will get a diminutive segment of the display which this time will tell you about a group of survivors and their interactions on some island. After story segment you can make a choice of three options - the choice is sightless so there will be some element of surprise each time you click on some other alternative! But the majority of your options will cause hot intercourse scene and in most of the bang-out scene you may notice Charlie - that is her favorite character and probably yours also. After choice is done and sex act happened you can stir forward on teh story or get back and check for two choices if you're interested.

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