Huge boobed whore Christie

This sexy and flirty video game lets you be sexually active in public with the hotties. The name of the girl is Christy, and she's an sexy girl. Christie is one of the characters from the Dead or Alive franchise. Making her debut in Dead or Alive 3, Christie was the femme fatale of the series. She was portrayed as a villainous British assassin hired to murder the principal character, Helena Douglas. Have you met the fun Christy in the dark corners of a street. Definitely you want to fuck her cunt. Your hands are tearing Christy's clothes. Wow. Under her shirt, you can clearly see her large and juicy breasts. You begin to lick her huge watermelons and sucking on her pink nipples. Christy moans softly with sexual tension. Christy's pink cunt is ready for you to take her big cock. And you start fucking Christy by tearing her slit in half. Let's get started.

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