Slave Lord (Capital only)

Here is the continuation of Slave Lord, embarking from after you have overcame the priestesses and arrived in the Capital. This version does NOT contain the first-ever 2 slaves. The full game, such as most of trio marionettes and locations in a singe game, will be released later on. As soon as the last part of the game - mostly concerning Silaria - is designed and published on Patreon I could upload the next public one on here. Comments, testimonials, tips, thoughts - all I'd be quite happy to hear. 1/25/2017 (fixed glitch which Allow You to click on bed after she comebacks from a task) For more information, perks, latest updates, and also for helping a developer pay the invoices, encourage my work here: If you are experiencing difficulties where the game loads but switches won't work, try this: -Click the game and proceed to global settings. -On the'Storage' tab, make sure'permit sites to conserve info on this computer' is chosen. -play with the game.

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