Filled with Tentacle Semen

Fucked and crammed with tentacle man juice is the main idea of the few stages intercative animations. However, who is going to be fucked by tentacles that moment? It turns out that this time we have a true celebrity - just one of the principal characters of renowned"Fairy Tail" arcade show buxom red-haired Erza Scarlet! So if youwante dto know many tentacles she could function at onceyou can begin to count - she will stroke them with her palms, taking them up her pussy and her bootie and even sucking two of them at once! If you'll click on the arrow (it is hard to see at first but you can locate it at the top left corner of game display) then you are going to make this manga porn scene more and more intense until she will get filled with lots and lots of man-lava from such tentacles as it had been promised in the title.

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