Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi F-Series

Seems like you've got some time has gone since most of us have noticed Haruhi Suzumiya - just take a peek at her kinks which got way fatter! And now she prefers to use mor erevealing clothing than previously - like in thsi game she is not likely to put on anything other than black bathing suit swimsuit. Which ofocurse will not be concealing her sexy figure from you for too long... You can play Haruhi Suzumiya in over a dozen of unique positions - from plain tit banging to fellatio and carrying her from below. Furthermore, you'll find some scenes in which she is going to probably be giving you a private demonstrate using a few of their biggest faux-cocks. Simply pick the place and use blue arrow buttons to budge thru animated hookup scenes back and forward. Yeah, this uber-cute hotty has grown into actual big-chested breezy and you are likely to enjoy it a whole great deal!

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