Franks adventure 4 Glamourville

Frank is prepared to devote his vacation Glamourville! Are you ready to join ? Well, by combining him we mean you will be playing as Frank. It is possible to explore the town - only use arrow keys to navigate Frank. But be carefull when crossing the street - Frank has restricted quantity of lifestyles and being hit by a car will surely reduce them. Of course there'll be a whole lot of different buildings in the city - some of them are able to be entered for completing pursuit or simply for fun. You will meet a great deal of people in the roads - touch to begin talking (generally to find out what kind of quest you'll have to zccomplish to them) or just step aside from contimue investigating. We won't be telling you about all spicy conditions and infrequent experiences you may get into - it'll be more interesting to find out yourself!

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