FT: Secrets of Journalism

There are still some journalists working in Fuck Town... and also a number of them are pretty sexy! In this game you'll be playing as the holder high-class gym. 1 day youthful journalist may come to your office to get an dialogue. Is there some nicer opportunity to get into her underpants than that? Of course not! Nevertheless this stunner is not dumb - that she will turn this conversation into real date. The date where you will go to the restaurant and you'll have to choose meals! But pick wisely - attempt and find equilibrium between the purchase cost and the date's appretiation. Do the task and you then may find this gal house wher your interview will turn out to be very personal... Interesting minigames, hot animations and even some sort of narrative - welcome back into the Fuck town! Attempt to check more game on the developer's site if you enjoyed that one.

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