Meet and Fuck: Amazon Island 3

The lean milky dude got to the island where the Amazon tribes live. As king, a dude was chosen by them for his dick. He wants to solve the problems on the staircase. A tribe of cannibals assaulted the village and something must be carried out urgently. But the king is quiet. He knows what should be carried out. He catches a club and starts to fight off the attackers. To manage the game use the mouse. Click the mouse to hit the enemy. When you kill many enemies you will receive a fresh weapon - a spear. Your mission is to kill the attackers. After that you will come back to the village where you will wait for a sexual prize.

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Head session with Britney

This match will beall about sexy redhead Britney giving thoughts! Enjoy Britny gently sucking on your cock while you will determine what she will need to perform next -look at the left side of this screen and you will see the entire collection of sexual actions for her! Make her provide you a wonderful stroke or lick on on the tip. May eb you want your own balls to be tasted by her? She can do that! Ofcourse you can command her to suck and lickcock - and that she will may go crazy whilst doing it also! And ofcourse it is up to you to decide when to cum! Try all the options or pick your own favorites - there will not be some ideal options or rules you need to follow. This game is just to reveal what oral abilities Britney has evolved and can't wait to set them into good use along with your big hard cock!

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