Naive patient

Did you ever could thought that one day you will be playing as gynecology therapist? Yet this day has arrived! So put on your doctor's wash and meet your today's patient who happens to be truly sexy and fit blonde with long legs and huge round tits. Who's also quite naive so this is your chance to turn rutine trip into something way more titillating... at least for yourself. Just listen to her problems and reach the proces of looking a decision. And the issue is that she can not force her beau to cum. However, this is the plot detail you will understand for now - in case you want more then you may get them by playing the game! If you ar einto this topic and want more games about sexy docs, whorish physicians and blessed patients then you could always check our site.

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Exposing sexy Alicia

In this game you play the part of a physician who assists young women to deal with one os the most powerful addictions ever - sexual addiction! Today you'll have a young brunette Alicia as the own patient. As a professional you already can say that her situation is pretty difficult so you call your assistant to help. And this helper of yours is awsome curved blonde nurse who has probably provocked more sensual dependence than she's curved! And as this is a hentai game do not be surprised where all this therapy will just wind up getting good old threesome funtime! Ofcourse you are going to need to do a few choices as the match will proceed but most of the time you'll be enjoying hot 3d photos showing you exactly what blond and brunette can do in a compane of naughty physician!

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