Attack of Giant Penises

Like hilarious quests and does not mind about a great deal of sensual elements in it? Then it is possible to try to play with this game... if you're scared to venture against large penises! The gameplay is a excellent old fashion point-and-click venture. As an instance in first-ever scene you will have to look for your appartment to get a gun because the only means of surviving is to fight back - giant penis has already ended your gf and now it is coming (yep, it is coming now - not cuming. Which may occur later.) After you! Discovered the gun? Go and find a few bullets! Found them also? Prepare to get a shooting gallery round - this heading to be one bloodstained hell! Great your buddy has begun to help you... but did giant penises - they attracted a lot more friends into the fight! So commences the utter scale warfare against giant penises!

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