roll the ball


It is the right time to play new game mash-up and witness fresh sexy nymph undressing down for the winnere - Quite simply it's the right time to play Billiball! The strange title is described by the mix of 2 words billiard and roll-the-ball. You will have a desk with 15 industries all these will charge a differernt quantity of points. Also you will get seven billiard sack - just aim and produce the strike the sack so that they roll to the sectors with the most pints to make. Your opponent (who is quite platinum-blonde who also barely reminds the major heroin of"Starving games" movies) will do the same. Each of the points will be summed up and also the one with fatter result is your winner. If you win then you'll receive access to the next level of this game... and fresh amount of striptease in this stunning erotic model!

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