sexy furry girls

High Tale Hall 2: Glass Room

Once more you have an chance to explor ethis fancy hotel on tropical island where you will pretty hot looking furries. With a few of these you can enjoy lovemaking! Move around the hotel as you have in old quests - press on arrow on the left to turn left, press the button to the ideal side to turn rigth and so on. All you want to do would be to find unclothe sofa or bar where all of the furries (test the guest list in the map display if you are interested) can be found. Speak and interact with almost all them and ofcourse try to woo them into fuck-a-thon during the conversation... Game might contain few bugs (which may send you to the main screen if if you're going to go somewhere where you aren't likely to go yet) however it's possible to meet with allfour unshaved chicks and have fun together.

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