Fuck Town College Life 3

It's excellent to become a tutor... and even better if you are a instructor in the Fuck Town college! A typical day embarks with seeing different places and speaking with various characters. And so long as it is college you can always meet sexy youthfull student chick at caffeteria or at the hallway. And as you're a tutor you will have to help them with examenation session. Talk with them and get your mission. Complete your tasks and a few characters will prize you... some more then others. Your primary goal is to discover the student who would like to fuck over studying books and ready to receive an A at examination for sensual discipline and not... well everything this discipline of your. In Fuck Town college students (and not only they) may know a great deal about lovemaking... out of you!

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Strumpets game

Ever wished to know exactly what it senses like to become a medieval pimp in dream kingdom? This game is your opportunity to know! You will start the game with start capital and couple fantasy chicks to select from. Buy one so that she can bring you some money every day by serving guys in the filthy streets of medieval town. But this only one part since farther you will play the game the longer it will become economic simulator witherotic components. It is possible to buy additional rooms into your house to get more purposes for your biz. It's possible to visit local market for more damsels. Why you need more -because a few might enter jail and you will need to get them back. At the shop you can by fresh outfits and attributes for your ladies - and all of it's to them bringing you more and more gold coins from the roads daily!

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