Zombie Hooker XXX-mas

How zombies can be added by you in anime porn game? Well, let us say that following zombie apocalypse all the hookers are gone... all but one and her name is Lola. And because isn't dumb she decided to move her tailer somewhere far enough - to the North Pole for example. However, zombies aren't likely to remain thirsty and the horde ensues her there. So seems like Lola will need to give one more fight to those living dead. Luckily for her it a christmas season so she will get fairly unique helping mitt - from St. Nick himself! So grab whatever you can see within this snowy land and find the way to use to provide these unreasting rotten corpses a long wanted peace while you will be trying to locate and save all of Santa's elves. Do whatever you can to keep this planet safe for hookers!

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