The Sex Therapist 9: The End

"The End". Here is the title of 9th scene of videogame series known as"The therapist" in case if you've played the previous ones then you will certainly not want to miss out the closing of the story between a coupleof, their thrrapist as well as some prostitute. Looks like most of the advices from Natalia has ultimately created some impact and you most likely will not just get the opportunity to get your gf Abi back however even convince her to bring some color to your sexual life... such color as threesome lovemaking such as! As former games of the show this game still uses actual photos and movies using actual sensual models so that the occasions will be perceived more realisti through the practice of solving dialog quests in the game... and like in former games poor selections of phrases will direct you to a game over screen with a zero advancement!

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