turn-based strategy

Rogue Courier Episode 2

A big update for this second part of an intriguing flash game named Rogue Courier. Gorgeous Kouia - that the captain of the spaceship. Once he found a woman with amnesia from the cargo hold. After that moment, for whatever reason, he turned into a nightmare. He had to fight with the dragon Imperial army for his life and even had a whole lot of issues. Finally, the fresh doll became the captain of the ship. The 2nd element starts from that instant. So kill pirates, Rob shuttles you need to fly a spaceship and research a galaxy. You will also need to go to the spaceport refuel your spaceship and to sell items. You can visit the Cantina and then fuck a sexygirl. But do not be dissipated from the main mission. . So if you want to go on a space adventure do it.

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