Strip Hangman with Capri Anderson

Beautiful and lady with big tits and a sweet smile - Capri Anderson invites you to play an interesting game. It is called man. The mission of the game is to guess the encrypted word, while Capri Anderson draws a gallows. So first-ever you've got to click the letters that you see on the monitor. By way of example, it will be the letter"A". When it's in the word, then that letter will emerge on the screen. If not, then Capri Anderson will start to attract the guy. First the head, then the legs and arms and the figure. If you do not have enough sufficient time to figure the word - your game is finished. But if fortune is on your side and the encrypted term is guessed by you - then you will see a beautiful and depraved striptease performed by buxomy Capri Anderson. This is a prize that would contest for it. So if you're prepared, then let's embark playing right now.

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