Arkham ASSylum

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One where Harley Quinn will be making her go on the Dark Knight, trying to seduce him and distract him from his goal. Batman is not conveniently guided, and he must make use of all of his investigative skills and fight prowess to stand up to Harley's advances and complete his goal to stop the Joker's latest diabolical plan. The game is loaded with steamy scenes and intense action as Batman navigates via the asylum, trying to keep his concentrate on the task handy while additionally trying to stand up to the temptations of Harley Quinn. The graphics are stunning, bringing to life the gritty and dark ambience of the asylum. And the voice acting is top-notch, with familiar voices from the original game reprising their duties. As you proceed via the game, you 'll additionally encounter other familiar characters from the Batman cosmos, each with their own unique and seductive objectives.