Bonne Jenet Tentacled

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In this 3D interactive game, you are going to learn about how alien monsters with tentacles fertilize huge-chested femmes. So huge-titted and beautiful doll Bonne Jenet went for a swim in the ocean. Suddenly, someone grabbed Bonne Jenet from the foot and pulled on him under water. Having regained consciousness in a duo of hours, the lady sees that she is at some unusual cave. She’s complete. Naked and cannot move because her gams and arms are glued together with pus into the cave’s walls. Unexpectedly, Bonne Jenet sees her voices and a creature expand with fear. The monster comes closer and embarks to fuck Bonne Jenet in her cunt with thick tentacles. Then he fucks her mouth with an bootie. Bonne Jenet can’t stand against she needs to be submissive to survive. To change the game mode and viewpoint, use the mouse and mouse then control panel on the game display. Enjoy this game right now.

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