Erza fucks Sakura – Fairy Tail vs Naruto

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Erza Scarlet and Sakura Haruno - two of the most sexy and worshippers' beloved anime nymphs of the last decade which non the less exist in totally different anime universes... But lets be honest - this fact has everbeen a problem for the world of manga porn parodies at which such crossovers are not just possible but always welcomed! And if you always wanted to know which one of these girls will be dominating lesbian fuck-fest then you will come across the response rigth here and now - Erza is going to dominate Sakura with ginormous strapon! But in order to witness how exactly all this will happen and to enjoy all the terrific animated detals of such an arousing"battle" you might have to watch this animation by yourself. And who knows - might be this is not the last they are meeting like this?