Leia against the Fuck Imperium

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An interactive pornography parody, however during this case straightforward doesn't suggest easy! The story once more tells the story of the brave princess Leia and her fight against the Empire... only now you will be lovin’ on the Empire's side! Rent troops and drones counting on your tools and send them into battle against one, nevertheless terribly angry princess Leia. Per this description, you would possibly say that the genre of this game is tower shield, and you would be right. The goal is apparent -- position the attack line in order that they'll get to princess Leia before she shoots all of them down, and that is one thing you'll be able to barely do on your 1st try. However when you realize some way, you will get some fun rewards... and entry to the second level, which can be even tougher. Let's have the game start at this time.