Living with Lana

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New story regarding orgy and relationships kind”Lession of Passion” studio – now you’ll learn how it is to dwell with Lana. Incidentally Lana is youthful hot looking blond student. 1 day at the university she meets Douglas. He was merely passing by but it was too difficult to maneuver really brief miniskirt of Lana’s uniform. Therefore she attempted to get her attention… and he made it! After a few date sthey actually determine to live together. But here iw when the problems start – Lans comes in the wealthy family and Doug… well, maybe not wealthy at all. So now he’ll need to find ways not only to get more money to cover the half of lease but in addition will take care of Lana’s other needs. Simple but yet still quite intriguing simulation of first-ever days of tegether living with a hot and reach gf – prepared to attempt?

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