My Catgirl Maid Chap 8.1.1

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The collection of visual novels”My Catgirl Maid” about the adventures of nekogirl from another planet who determined to research this world while being your Xmas at exactly the identical period comes again with new chapter! Looks like Cynthia (that is the title of this impressively cute nekogirl) was performing pretty well lately and like any great master you are likely to reward her by carrying her to an amusment park which she desired to visit a lot of. But she will not be moving alone and choose her new girlfriend Miyu with you so you’ll need to observe over two excited women from now on. Based on how good you’ll handle with this activity Cynthia will prize you during the night but this is deifnietly the portion of the story which you finer to practice by yourself… Search for prior chpaters on our site.

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