Nurse Blue Notch One

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Prepared to get anothe rone interactive anime porn movie? Since we’ve got one for you . So get in the skin of a character who wakes up following some furios battle just to find out that he is being nursed by the cutiest nymph in the world. What exactly are you going to do from now? Attempting to seduce her ofcourse. Try to choose the right words that will bring back to life not only snse of care but her whorish character as well. It won’t be so hard as you might think at very first – if you choos ethe wrong dialog line it will be marked with red color and all that you need to do in this situation is to attempt another one. Once you will reach the fuck-fest scenes you will see that they are created as simple minigames. And don’t forget to find the response on the question that is most inriguing – do hairs on her puss matches with blue hairs on her head?

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