Passion One

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Are you prepared for an additional Lession of Fire? Because we’ve got one for only just right here. And it’s title is really close – it’s called”Passion One”! Tonight you may choose the function of guy named Drake. He is going on the party tonight where will probably be a whole great deal of guys and damsels. Some of them will be soem of these not his friends and some of them he will meet very first time in his life. But one thing he knows for sure – he has to make an impression tonight to each and each of those! Can he accomplish that? By getting the finest chick on this soiree to get laid with him ofcourse! But who will this damsel be and the way he is going to make her to want fuckfest with him? This part of the game you’ll have to solve yourself by making brainy choices when required! And do not forget to test ther lovemaking and story oriented games within our site!

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