Quickie: Toshiko 2 (Public)

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Did you enjoyed your prior date? Then get round! If you have not played preceding game yet then you nicer assess our site and play it before commencing this one. Much like before the genre of this game is”fast visual novel” meaning that you won’t need to spend to much of your time to play this game or you can simply skip all of the dialogs gay-for-pay to those points where you want to make a decision on wher ethe narrative will go farther. But if you will be making those choices only by guess then don’t be surprised if you will see a bad ending sans any intercourse scenes whatsoever! Buy the way that this vignette includes 7 (!) Different language preferences if you were going to skip all of the dialogs because you did not understand the language to select from so then simply check the menu at very begining – may be thi time you will be able to understand the whole story!

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