Void Club – Call Of Cockhulhu

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Inside this chapter (that is currently11th in the series) of”The Void Club” the content of mysterious and terror will soon be added to the standard joy and sexy adventures since tonight you are just going to come in the measurements of Chtulhu! Oh, no it’s more correct to state”Cockhulhu” and the explanations for such switches are fairly visible – no matter how creepy it may seem at ceratin moments this game is still a large manga porn themed parody and suppose to deliver more excitement than fright. Incidentally if you are into nerdy redheads then you’ll be happy to satisfy your helper from a prior epsiodes Cara once more… but ofcourse she will not be the only one girl that you have all the chances to fuck with through this segment of some long jorney which is known as”The Void Club”!

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