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Here is new blend of 2 matches in one with addition of powerful erotic elements – period to play BilliCard! In this game you will have a billiard table balls on it… only they will be marked as playing cards! Pockets on the dining table will be indicated as cards also. Your job will be to pay the pocket using the ball of greater value and the exact identical suit. Aim and hit on you can with your mouse. Hit power is flexible – consume or down keys to make it higher or lower. What you will get as prize for good game? A genuine erotic flick with not one but two real models with a insane g/g joy at exactly the exact identical time as you play. Get higher degree to unlock more and more titillating areas of the flick – this is something you’ll be able to put some efforts in the game for sure! Just attempt not to get dissipated too much…

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