Egg Laying In The Womb 2

Within this 3D hump flash game you will learn an interesting story about subterranean monsters. So a youthfull couple is returning home . They walk across a dark alley. The lady sees a strange pile of earth. She catches a thick letter and comes. The boy does not have the time to do anything and the nymph disappears underground. After a couple of hours, she woke up in a cave. Nearby are slimy eggs. Something moves in the depths of the cave. Tentacles appear that rip the garments of her clothes. And then they begin to fuck her at her fuckbox. After a few mins, the lady realizes that there is an object within her womb. This is an egg that is . The lady will serve as an incubator for posterity. Would she sustain and come back home? Let’s figure out right now.

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