Exposing Sexy Amber

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The female named is clearly the love interest of main character of this game so it will be up to you – the player – to seduce and fuck her by the end of the stroy. Nonetheless, it is also worth to say that she’s not some secretary or maybe co-wroker however, the daughter-in-law of a single prosperous and powerwull entrepreneur and now she conducts one of his thickest company… and yes, even you happened to work in this company so she is also your chief. Rich bitch and chief female – Amber seems to be fairly harsh lady to lure for a elementary man like you however this is not the motive to drop back and much better – if you will figure out how to turn her in to a bitch then you definietly could count on a marketing… promotion and ltso of sexy fuck-a-thon with hot looking Amber ofcourse! Now get back to the office and begin the temptation!

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