FT: Erotic Dream

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Even the characters of”Fuckk Town” have to sleep occasionally… but that does not mean that they will leave player (which can be you) without sexual adventures and a great deal of hentai pictures! So since it was already noted that the events of this game will be taking place in main character’s desire. For many reasons in his desire he concludes up in some unusual mystical labirynth where he will need to find a way outside. Ofcours eon his manner he might need to solve couple puzzles as well as get a chnace to tempt some hot dame (who also might describe the reasons of his desires are so strange at a first-ever drama… or may be not). Ofcourse during those adventures he’ll get a major group of hentai memories in a kind of sexy pictures so that you might love them at any moment you will wish to.

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