Fuck Town: Seductive RPG 2

Now you are going to play something other than ordinary”click to seduce” game out of”Fuck Town” series in which you are going to test your temptation skills on a downright fresh degree – level of a role-playing game! Game commences in the morning of monady. What will happen next, what results you ar egoing to achive from now on and this week will finishis completely up to you. Do you want to spend? You will have more energy to the night! You woon’t to play videogames all day lengthy? Then you are going to be more glad for some time! You want to work as freelancer? You will get some money which you can afterward spend on something useful! If you’re going to explore the town you will find far more different actions that you can participate in… and ofocurse someplace on these many locations there’ll be hot girsl waiting for you to seduce them (or at least that you will attempt to)!

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