Sexy Plumbing

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You’re an ordinary city attorney. Your name is Jack. Your job is to go home and fix pipes. It’s difficult and lengthy work. You go to the customer. This is a beautiful and huge-chested lady. She had clogged pipes in the kitchen. And as the machine doesn’t do the job. This dilemma must be solved by you. So you knocked on the door. It opens a busty lady using a joy necklace. You stare at her mammories, but you have to work. To repair the plumbing you need to solve the puzzle. Arrange the plumbing in the proper order so the water comes from your kicking off point to the end point. You fix the plumbing. As briefly as you did the work, the female offers you a little drink and pay for your work. But she wants lovemaking. A plumber offers her this. The lady agrees, and after a duo of seconds, a dick begins sucking on you. And then the plumber will probably fuck the dame in pink cunt… Can it at this time.

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