Swim-suit memory

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This game is a pure genre of memory card game as it’s. Is it true that your memory will operate better is that you are going to need to memorize hot femmes in sexy swimsuits? This game can allow you to obtain out this! Begin the match and yo can see the field of 24 cards total. Flip over a few of them and if they meet they will vanish from the playing area. When they don’t match – try to memorize them and utilize this skill later when you’ll be rolling more than other cards. Match all teh cards and the game is finished. You’ll receive your outcome consisting of time and rolling count. To improove your outcome try to use less time and do the job by making less wrong flips. Or simply love hot damsels in swimsuits on the beach – it is time to let some summer time in your lifetime… at least through short flash game!

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