Tickle master

In this game you will meet some sexy dark haired chick who seems liking it when she gets tickled. Butsuch simple thing as kittling is something that requres mastery. Do you knwo where and when you need to tickle the woman to make her glad? Let us find out! Gameplay is quite easy in his one – all you have to do would be to use feather on different areas of your tonight gf’s body. Try to kittle her gams and feet, her arms and underarms, her tits and her belly – the choice is left all up to you! Each time you will be kittling her there will be a response that you are able to enjoy again and again before you will try something fresh. Don’t leave her without your attention for too lengthy because then she will just fall asleep! Nice game based on your interactions with sensual model without going too far in the adult themes. Play now »