Jungle blonde

In this game you will learn the story of a beautiful doll named Jane who went on an expedition to find legends about a guy named Tarzan. Thus, succulent blonde Jane got to the jungle. She came to probe half a gorilla half a man of the legend. His name is Tarzan. He lives in the jungle. Jane is on her way. Jane uses vines to move around. Suddenly Tarzan shows up behind her. He seems with impatience at Jane. And with her arms outstretched to him, she tears her clothing off. The large watermelons of jane jump out. Tarzan bites them and starts fucking Jane like a wild brute. He fucks her pink humid vagina like a mare in the wilderness. Jane can’t fight back this brutal orgy. She wants to attempt buttfuck penetration… So, you want to know how this expedition ended? Let’s embark the game now. Play now »