MrPinku “Happiness is In The Field : Episode 2”

MrPinku is happy to present to all aficionados of funny and hot games fresh episode of”excitement is In The Field”. So if you liked your prior staying at this peacefull and colorific countryside then you have a fine chance to cisit it time! From the way Episode 2 has it is onw title and it sounds just like”A wrench a cow and a large mushroom”. As for the gameplay it’s still the same – once our hero will be helping everybody about and most likely get something in comeback… besides hilarious stories and quest components ofcourse. Today’s adventure will begin with red-haired asking you locate and to help Nana – sexy blonde chick which you might remember from the first-ever sequence. But where to begin the search you’ll have to determine yourself – this is a quest game after all. Play now »