Holio U – 10 – chinese girl

On the next road came a fresh neighbor from China. This really is a beautiful and young gal who will operate at a local sushi bar. 1 day, after work, you determine to meet with a doll. You knocked on the door and it opens a damn sexy Chinese girl with big and elastic baps. Mmm… They’re damn delicious. Thus you begin a conversation. Choose the right dialogue phrases which the dame would allow you to inject the house. Then it’s possible to find a petite faux-cock for bang-out. The lady is about to show you how he operates and you also agree. So you have to fuck this Chinese girl inside her taut cunny and rump to deliver her numerous orgasms. Do it right now. Play now »

Holio – U Russian Girl

If you will determine to knock into the room 69 of the Holio University dorm today then get ready for a surprise – ofcourse as usual you’ll find hot chick there but today this will be more russian chick! Do you have any tips on how to pickup russian chicks? This game can allow you to figure out this thru three stages – dialog stage, minigame stage and interactive hookup stage. Through the stage you will need to pick the decent lines and here you should recall where this dame has come in the first place. Minigame isn’t indeed hard so that we won’t be telling you the way to win it and when it comes to fuck-fest scenes then based on how you have coped with previous phases you are going to have a lot of funtime with your new sexy gf… ili net! Play now »

Holio U 12 Russian Tennis Star

This can be your opportunity to proove your own seductions skills are still in the high level. Just knock to this doorway and meet the dame who you might fuck after couple of mins form now! In this vignette you’ll meet indeed hot woman who appears to be a famous tennis player from Russia! Meaning that she not only have forms but pretty fucakble and sporty looking figure in the entire. But before you’ll get a chance even only to se it you will need to discover a right pickup line first. Pick among three and also if you state something that she will love to hear then you ultimately enter her room. Just keep her arousal level high enough with your actions and you will love a collection sexual minigames with all her!Are you ready to find out what she is capable for using large tennis racket in her palms? Play now »