Flash Doll: Caramel

Caramel isn’t the name o fthe candies – within this game this is the name o fyour big-titted playdoll! She is a blonde chick with amazing forms who could easily become a porno starlet by playing with you if she not spent her time. Now sundress her up and imagine all those wonderfull adult movies she could playe din being sundress like fanatsy queen or sex-positive pirate chick! Some garbs will just look cool while the otehrs will allow you switch teh size of Caramel’s boobs. Unusual outfits will even have some key choices that will allow you to love Caramel in teh business of the friends… Overall this is a very elementary and easy to play game for all who likes to sundress up sexy looking woman in all kinds of apparels that will make her to look even more sexy! Play now »