King of Porn City: June 2014 update

At first you may feel this game is really old yet in the event you will give it an opportunity then you are going to realise that only back then an erotic game could be so crazy! Here you’ll be enjoying as the King of Porn town… or at least that is how the main character is calling himself. The matter is he is actually filming in porn movies and has attained certain hights in it however he isn’t likely to stop each new scene he will be shooting he wants to be much more exciting that whatever he’s done before. Ofcourse plenty of new women will be involved in addition to some new useful instruments along with other joy items yet to find access to everything you will need to devote some in-game cash to help you better be taking care of not just the intercourse scene you’re shooting at the moment but also how much cash it’ll bring for you if it is done. Play now »