Gotham City Sluts

Gotham City Sirens? It is similar to Gotham City Sluts! But let’s not rush too much forward and get to the details of this manga porn parody game involving three of the best and baddest ladies that Gotham City has ever seen – Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy! Tonight they will connect their powers and talnets once again and this will let them to capture non besides Commisioner Gordon himself! But ofcourse this was just part of the plan and they need him only as the bait for someone fatter to catch – our insatiable women are planning to deal with Batman. Is this some sort of perverted gals night out or they truly planning to jiggle the order settled in Gotham by defeating it has primary guardian and for all? Play the game to learn… and to enjoy a lot of intercative hump scenes with your beloved personalities ofcourse! Play now »