Futas For You

“Futas For You” is just another animated anime porn parody in Pinoytoons. This time it is likely to require three charcters from popular anime an dmangs series”Bleach” – Shihouin Yoruichi, Rangiku Matsumoto and Haineko. Ofcourse according to the title two of them will be futanari charcters who will team up to bang the third one in diffenet poses but who is going to fuck whom you will find out only if you will watch this animation on your own! There won’t be any gameplay with this one however there’ll be many camera angles changes, multiple popshots as well as was already mentioned you are going to see a good deal of standing changing – in other words even though this manga porn parody is not interactive this scarcely will make it not as inetersting (even if you’re not one of”Bleach” fans)! Play now »