Men With Black Cocks

Men in Black? Not when we have fun and sexy blonde Charlie on the point! So now once you are aware that you will be scarcely astonished that”Men in Black” has turned into”Men with Black Cocks”. Besides this is not the only famous movie that will be parodied here so get ready to recognize other well-liked characters from mainstream well. The story is just too crazy to attempt to describe it here so if you got interested then you have only one option – play the game and see whoCharlie has left laugh or fucked! The gameplay is still the same however – you either enjoy the hilarious or sexy animated scene or you make the unsighted choice of few options on what should happen next and after that keep loving funny or sexy animated scene. Play now »

Pussy or raw meat

In this fun and interesting flash game you have to distinguish between a lump of raw meat that is ordinary from a female snatch. To do this, look at the game display. Pictures will be shown on it. You need to select the ideal answer. After the pictures end you will be able to understand your result. On the very first attempt you will not be able to answer all the questions. Keep practicing. After all, if you answer correctly all questions, then you are going to receive a supah prize. What is. So if you’re prepared to combat this game and show that you are a brutal dude with steel sack, then embark playing right now. Play now »

Attack of Giant Penises

That is right – that the manking is under attack again! But this time the menace comes not from some aliens or zombies or even abruptly got smarter monkeys – this time our herooes will have to get through thru an attack of giant penises! And since you’ll get the place in the first-ever row while you’ll be playing as one of principal characters of this game you will see that it is going to be one bloodstained and at times quite desperate effort of surving. Eeverything else you’ll have to figure out by yourself throughout the very final mins prior to giant penise will brake into your cabin where you were hoping to hide… The game combines sci-fi and horror type of narrative with gameplay having quest and act mechnaics so it won’t be bland for sure. Play now »


An inhabitant island in the midst of nowhere – the prefect placefor the nature to keep in it’s cherry state… at least till five individuals will wind up within this play to play with a survival game! And since among participants is the favorite blonde female Charlie you’ll leave behind about using the term”virginity” any further… But let’s get back to the primary program of the display that’s clearly a parody on the other TV shows according to this idea only with heaps of comedy and hot moments you will never seen on the screen and enjoy this is not enough you will have the ability to influence on what’s going to occur next and also to do this just click on one of three options which are going to be readily available for picking from time to time and construct your own distinct story (or attempt all of the choices if you want to)! Play now »

Jungle sex

This game will tell you that wild jungle character is truly crammed with wild hump. Just as the principal hero of the cartoon – Tarzan – you will explore jungle only to find out that there is sex happening at every corner or behind every tree. Or over any tree. Or may be IN the tree! So today Tarzan have only one purpose and it is to find himself a real slit to fuck! And our hero will find it eventually… or so he will think. Not much gameplay though. Well, actually there’ll not be a gameplay whatsoever – the match is made as animated joke narrative with a great deal of jokey and sexy situations inside. And of course if you want colorful stories such as these then take a look at our website for more of them. Few anime porn flash games with real gameplay can be found there also. Play now »

Black eye for the queer guy

Bruce Long and Bob Upindown has teamed up and they shape a”Terriffic Trio”… but who is the third person who you might ask? Well, this is certainly the best part of this – the third person is non other than our beloved blonde Charlie! So despite the name of the team you know that something indeed joy and exicting is waiting for you ahead. But make sure you don’t mind some gay themes to be discussed in the two sexual and humorous ways ahead of you will commence enjoying this game. You are entirely fine with this? Then get prepared to work out that there isn’t anything wrong with being yourself regardless of what interests you discuss and in what direction you are eager to move your dwell… notably as our primary hero is going to do everything in Charlie’s business! Play now »


Everything you are going to play next is not actually a game but more like an interactive book in which you’ll be able to get some interesting advice about how best to spend with your frined or girlfriend. You will need to choose where you two want to play on such a glorious day of all lovers. Will it be sofa? Or might be more sensible thing like table? May beone of those favored modern chairs? After you will pick the course and model you will see few different ways which this furniture can be used by a couple of people. All scenes will be shown schematically but they still will be animated and it will help you to understad the position better without any unnecessary particulars. You even can attempt the broad range of settings and option to think out something of your own! Play now »