The Jungle Call Part 2

The story about hot girl and her paramour in the midst of a jungle proceeds in”The jungle call area 2″! You will see hot woman Flor along with the head of Omoro tribe. Their match in the jungle might end up in hot fuck-a-thon or it might lead to a marriage… that at the tribe of Omoro always ends up in supreme orgy! Most of the scenes (created in 3D by the way) are played as point and click on quests. Each time the cursor is visible you’ve got to perform an activity using subsequent manages: simple click, dual click, click-and-move or come-and-go. More detailed description of these act you may find at the”how to play” section in the main menu. And you truly should look at them – it may be very helpful when you don’t wish to get stucked in the first scene and also to see not only the way the story will end but also how many hook-up scenes there will be! In case if you’ve stucked somewhere just type in the term”sea” to receive a hint! Play now »