Pippi Longstocking And Four Lozers

A full-bosomed lady called Pippi Longstocking resides in Chicago. She enjoys this city, however she doesn’t have some enemies that are unpleasant. It is a native gang of nerds. Pippi Longstocking determines to need revenge . She chooses a bat and goes hunting. Seeing one amongst the eggheads named Alan at the stop, Pippi Longstocking strikes him over the top using a bat. Then he takes the figure to the cellar. There, Pippi Longstocking takes to the atmosphere her garments with Alan. Oh, gods. This can be a fantasy!? It appears that Alan includes a fat rod. Pippi Longstocking got raw and presently needs lovemaking. Pippi Longstocking begins fucking with Alan and reaches an sexual ejaculation. She’s definitely glad. However there ar three distinct members of this assimilator group. Perhaps they want an enormous surprise, also. Pippi Longstocking goes looking to par it up. Begin the game. Play now »