Yepyou got it right – this”Kim” who’s mentioned in the name of this game is non other than famous spygirl Kim Potential from quitepopular (at least a while ago) animation series! But unlike the official series here you will see that kneeing butts is not the only way that from making evil deeds, she is able to use to stop Dr Drakken – sometimes she can give him a blow-job instead! Watch her get bra-less and suck on her archnemesis’ big (and gloomy!) Rod heavier and faster, deeper and faster! Overall thsi is going to be well produced oral fuckfest scenes with your dearest heroes that will not be distracting you using some challenging gameplay since everything that you want to do here would be to click on the”next” button whenever you want to switch into another scene… well, you have to do this and enjoy the alluring parody ofcourse! Play now »

Makoto Nanaya – Blazblue sex

Makoto Nanaya is lightly xcan be thought to be one of those cuties fighters of”Blazblue” videogame roster. But here she welcomes you not for a fight but for a really good fucking! To begin with you will find that this game really is in japanes but don’t let this fact to prevent you – game is not narrative oriented all you want to do would be to remeber what buttons launching which scenes. Also you can change the force of these scenes with a numbered buttons you will see on the side of game display. Some additional options as keeping her clothes on or off and whiping off the mess you made with a latest cumshot are visible so after some practising you will be fucking Makoto Nanaya like you have been doing it your whole lifetime! And the fact that fuck-a-thon scenes here are shown from first-ever person perspective are definitley going to help you. Play now »